Modular Reef System for Theme Parks and Modular reefAquariums


The Modular Reef System is the first reef structure that can be easily raised and removed from its aquatic environment for out-of-water cleaning and maintenance. Because algae growth and other particulate matter removed during cleaning aren’t released back into the water, burdens on filtration systems and stresses to resident animals are greatly reduced.

The Modular Reef System’s iso-resin construction helps reduce fluctuations in water quality often associated with the materials of more traditional reef structures such as concrete that can cost millions of dollars and result in months of exhibit down time.  In contrast, by adding or releasing air through the Modular Reef System’s self- balancing buoyancy chamber, in a matter of minutes, crews can raise, remove, add or relocate modules to meet the needs of different animals or for new themes and habitat layouts saving time and money.

For more information about how the Modular Reef System and the Bottled Ocean Team can solve your unique challenges, watch the Full Video below: