Live Waterway Project

Along with its successful grassroots business of building and maintaining custom aquariums, Bottled Ocean maintains a specialized aquatic management solutions division for companies and individuals interested in developing large, live waterway projects.


Bottled Ocean has worked as an industry consultant to SeaWorld helping them identify suitable contractors for various new marine exhibits. Recently, Bottled Ocean provided a cost-saving solution on replacing a handicap-viewing panel in their “Swim with the Dolphins” exhibit at Discovery Cove. Our unique approach to this project resulted in a tremendous cost savings to the client compared to the traditional alternative methods of window replacement.custom aquariums orlando


The History Channel’s ‘Swamp People’ television show hired Bottled Ocean to build a Louisiana bayou replica with live alligators in lower Manhattan. The project received numerous awards and built great awareness of the show’s new season throughout the New York Metropolitan area.

The Nemours Children’s Hospital in Lake Nona Medical City features a custom-designed 1,500-gallon, state-of-the-art aquarium created by Bottled Ocean in their patient registration area.

custom aquariums orlandoAt an impressive 30 inches wide, an adult could actually swim short laps across the tank that delights hundreds of hospitalized children each day.



Bottled Ocean has also consulted for various private equity firms in New York City that were interested in obtaining industry information. Our expertise in the aquatic industry proved valuable and reliable.


After the Gulf Oil spill, Bottled Ocean helped several marine organizations in the design and engineering of various filtration systems that were given the opportunity to submit proposals for grant money.

Whether it involves indoor or outdoor waterway management, algae control, manufacturing or national maintenance programs, Bottled Ocean can provide the necessary protocols and structure needed to ensure that your aquatic features are not only enhancing their environment, but also operate efficiently and are maintained properly resulting in cost savings to your company.