aquatic management services Aquatic Management and Aquarium Maintenance

Bottled Ocean currently works with several Fortune 500 companies and has established aquatic management programs custom designed and tailored to each company’s needs.

The scope of our work includes, but is not limited to:

  • Initial design consultation
  • Engineering, photo realistic renderings & drawings for aquatic habitats
  • Equipment selection for live animal habitats
  • Construction, oversight and build out
  • Evaluation of existing equipment and service protocols
  • Animal selection, procurement, permitting and licensing assistance
  • Animal care, including food selection, cleaning of habitat, quarantine facility
  • Veterinary care, medications and parasite control
  • Employee training and development of maintenance protocols
  • Management reports and ongoing analysis to provide recommendations to ensure the latest technologies are incorporated as the project matures
  • Annual maintenance budgeting to maximize cost efficiencies

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