During the past several years, Bottled Ocean has seen a surge in demand for engineering, system design and industry consultation. Whether it’s a custom aquarium, a major waterway project or industry research, our expertise and many years of experience has proven to be invaluable in helping our clients achieve their goals.

Every client walks in with a dream – a vision of what they want. Our job is to take that vision and develop it into reality. We begin with an on-site meeting with the client. We define and drill down the concept into a workable project plan.

From there, we engineer the project to make sure the project is viable and provide shop or CAD drawings showing the final concept in detail. Upon client approval, a timeline is drawn up and the project begins.

Because of our vast knowledge, time and industry experience, Bottled Ocean has become a highly regarded industry consultant. From construction companies and architects to capital hedge funds seeking aquatic industry knowledge, Bottled Ocean provides the information needed to help these companies achieve their goals.

Our team of experts will travel worldwide to consult on any aquatic project and provide a written report of the strengths, weaknesses, and most importantly, solutions that are cost effective and timely.

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Bottled Ocean’s Greg and Bear with their new friend at Discovery Cove.