Aquatic Life Support Systems

For Bottled Ocean Inc., it’s all fishy business

Bottled Ocean Inc. CEO Greg Lund (Photo credit: OBJ, Jim Cardichi)

Warehouse space isn’t just a production area for Bottled Ocean Inc. — it’s a rehabilitation center.

But not for people. Rather, the Orlando-based custom aquarium/coral maker, maintenance and sea-life rescue firm needed to make sure its space was large enough to accommodate eight 55-60 gallon tanks for sick or injured fish to get better, plus separate coral tanks. It also has a table that’s used to pack tropical fish going out to customers or to unpack foreign fish coming in from other countries.

New Orlando Restaurant Hires Bottled Ocean to Create A Custom New York City Themed Aquarium

Bottled Ocean, an aquatic solutions company, is pleased to announce its latest commercial aquarium project with New York Diner, a new restaurant by A&D Food Group with a 24/7/365 concept that is scheduled to open in June in the Gateway Village Plaza on Semoran Boulevard. New York Diner has contracted with Orlando-based Bottled Ocean to design and construct a custom, themed fish tank to bring a real flair of New York to Orlando.

Orlando’s Bottled Ocean living exhibit for HISTORY’s Swamp People wins 2012 PRO Award

Orlando-based aquatic management solutions company Bottled Ocean was recently lauded for its living exhibit, “Swamp in the City,” in promotion of HISTORY’s Season 3 premiere of Swamp People, winning a 2012 PRO Award for “Most Innovative Communication Strategy.” Season 3’s successful promotion efforts resulted in a 20 percent increase in premiere viewership over its previous season, and the exhibit attracted tens of thousands of visitors and more than 100 millions impressions.

Bottled Ocean Alumnus Greg Lund finds aquatic success in large-scale aquariums and gator exhibits

Louisiana bayous don’t just appear in New York City, and the closest you get to seeing an alligator is when its hide is wrapped around a designer handbag.

But in February both popped up in Manhattan’s Chelsea Market as a promotion for the History Channel’s reality show, “Swamp People.” Behind the transplanted swamp — complete with live gators, 7,000 gallons of water and 15-foot-tall cypress trees — was none other than Flagler alumnus Greg Lund, ‘85.

Lund isn’t a gator hunter, but co-owner of the Orlando-based Bottled Ocean. The aquatic management company was hired to design and construct the elaborate exhibit promoting the third season of the show that chronicles alligator hunters as they troll Louisiana’s endless bayous.

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