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Sales tide rising at Bottled Ocean, Inc

Who do you call when you need a fake swamp with live alligators?

Orlando-based Bottled Ocean Inc. built a 6,000-square-foot re-creation of a Louisiana bayou to promote the History Channel’s Swamp People, a reality TV show about the people who hunt for alligators. Set up in New York City for 12 days in February, the exhibit had seven live alligators and a chef preparing Cajun delicacies.

For Bottled Ocean Inc., it’s all fishy business

Bottled Ocean Inc. CEO Greg Lund (Photo credit: OBJ, Jim Cardichi)

Warehouse space isn’t just a production area for Bottled Ocean Inc. — it’s a rehabilitation center.

But not for people. Rather, the Orlando-based custom aquarium/coral maker, maintenance and sea-life rescue firm needed to make sure its space was large enough to accommodate eight 55-60 gallon tanks for sick or injured fish to get better, plus separate coral tanks. It also has a table that’s used to pack tropical fish going out to customers or to unpack foreign fish coming in from other countries.

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