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Bottled Ocean debuts modular approach to large-scale aquarium decoration installations (Reef Builders)

A recent news article from Reef Builders writer Brian Blank comments:

Although we appreciate real rock and coral installations in large aquariums, sometimes it is more affordable and efficient to utilize artificial rock and reef structures. But even the fake structures can be difficult to move, clean or remove from a system, Bottled Ocean recently unveiled its Modular Reef System that can easily be floated, submerged and moved as needed for cleaning, re-positioning or even swap out displays altogether with just a couple of people .

According to the company’s press release, each individual reef module (which can be of almost any shape or size), features a self-balancing buoyancy chamber making it the first reef product that can be removed from its aquatic environment for regular cleaning and maintenance.

“We know the industry is always striving to improve animal habitats and the resulting guest experience,” said Greg Lund, President and CEO of Bottled Ocean in the press release. “The Modular Reef System represents an evolutionary step forward in that effort. Our clients tell us they’ve seen an incredibly positive response from animals toward the Modular Reef System, and that guests love the authentic and natural animal behavior they get to view because of it.”

Some good points they make is removing the system for a wholesale cleaning reduces the algae and other particulate matter dislodged during cleaning from being released back into the water, and then having to rely on the filtration system to remove. It also makes it more manageable for service companies and maintenance teams keeping display downtime because of maintenance, cleaning or updated to a minimum.

Another obvious benefit of the iso-resin system like this is less curing time (and permanency) and leeching into the system making balancing pH and such.

Click here to see the video and read more information about Bottled Ocean’s Modular Reef System:


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