Custom Aquariums

New Orlando Restaurant Hires Bottled Ocean to Create A Custom New York City Themed Aquarium

Bottled Ocean, an aquatic solutions company, is pleased to announce its latest commercial aquarium project with New York Diner, a new restaurant by A&D Food Group with a 24/7/365 concept that is scheduled to open in June in the Gateway Village Plaza on Semoran Boulevard. New York Diner has contracted with Orlando-based Bottled Ocean to design and construct a custom, themed fish tank to bring a real flair of New York to Orlando.

The Age of Aquariums: Orlando Home + Leisure Magazine

Dive into the saltwater world of pampered puffers, clownfish, triggerfish, eels and tangs.

Showtime at the Conroy family’s Orlando home arrives every evening around 7. That’s when Lips, Frenchy, Hollywood, Dory and a dozen or so other salt- water fish are fed.

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